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Junior GeoStix

Junior GeoStix
Best Creative Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Edx Education

This unique and versatile construction toy opens the door to a remarkable level of creative play. Junior GeoStix's straight and curved flexible sticks snap together so easily and in so many configurations (including items with moving parts) that children don't hesitate to jump right in and start building. For those who enjoy the challenge of recreating what they see, the set comes with 30 two-sided activity cards that display dozens of GeoStix-made objects, people and creatures to replicate. With such inspiration at kids' fingertips, ideas flow easily and all sorts of wildly imaginative structures spontaneously spring forth. In addition to the activity cards, Junior GeoStix includes 200 colorful, flexible plastic sticks (including new 1/4 circle and 1/2 circle pieces) in 10 different sizes ranging from 2.5cm to 15cm. The plastic reusable tub in which this all comes packaged makes cleanup quick and easy. Promotes creative thinking, problem-solving and fine motor skill development.