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Match It! Letters

Match It! Letters
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

The Learning Journey International

Match It! Letters is a prime example of learning through playing, a fabulously fun way for children to acquire spelling skills while expanding their vocabulary. The set consists of 20 four-piece puzzle sets, each of which includes a single large piece displaying a photograph of a common object (a fox, rug, key, cup, . . .) and 3 smaller letter pieces that spell that object's name. The design of the puzzles is such that only the correct letter will fit into the right slot with respect to a given image. This self-correcting feature prevents kids from misspelling words and allows them to combine trial and error, educated guesses and solid knowledge as they sort through the larger body of letter pieces in search of the right ones. This highly entertaining play process results in youngsters acquiring improved word skills and, just as importantly, a sense of comfortable familiarity and confidence in those skills.