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Maze-O Starter Set

Maze-O Starter Set
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2017

Maze-O, LLC

This fabulously fun set engages children physically, intellectually and creatively. Maze-O's interlocking tiles let kids build a vast array of mazes in a variety of shapes - elephants, hearts, pirate ships, waterfalls, and more! Kids can also easily create their own mazes because Maze-O's innovative design allows the pieces to always connect in such a way as to result in a working maze. There are 5 different types of tile pieces - Entrance/Exit, Straight, Turn, Branch, and Dead-end. The 52-piece set comes with activity cards that display 30 different mazes for youngsters to replicate. The views on the activity cards do not directly reveal the type of tile to use in each position within the maze, thus requiring the child make the correct choices. This brain teaser-like quality gets kids thinking big-time and makes the play all the more stimulating and fun. Maze-O helps develop hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, problem solving, strategy, and critical thinking!