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Mi Robot Builder Rover

Mi Robot Builder Rover
Parents Favorite Products
Tillywig Award Winner 2018

Beijing AIQI Technology Co., Ltd.

Mi Robot Builder Rover offers up a phenomenal mix of stimulating, enlightening fun and creative play. It all starts with the build, an engrossing process during which children (either solo or in a group) assemble the 1,000+ pieces into a formidable looking robot that, when finished, whirls around and zips across the floor on tank-like treads. A free app download provides the interface through which kids control the robot's movements and behavior in a myriad of ways. Complex series of movements and sound can also be predetermined in programming mode and then triggered with the tap of a button. No previous coding experience is necessary, so youngsters quickly get a handle on positioning and realigning the various code blocks to achieve the desired outcomes. The robot's behavior can also be manipulated in real time by using onscreen controllers that allow for dazzling maneuvers. The fun is further expanded by the fact that the set can be constructed in three different robot models: rover, snow truck and tank!