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Prime Climb

Prime Climb
Brain Child
Tillywig Award Winner 2015

Math for Love

Prime Climb is a cleverly conceived board game in which kids add, subtract, multiply, and divide their way to victory. Each player has two pawns on the board, and each space bears a number. The goal is to get both pawns to land exactly on 101, the center of the board. Players take turns rolling two dice and must add, subtract, multiply, or divide the number a pawn is on by a number they rolled, then move the pawn to the resulting space. Because each of the two numbers rolled must be applied one at a time, moves involve performing twin calculations, with players testing out several operations in varying combinations. The mental gymnastics can get pretty dazzling. Lest those who consider themselves math whizzes get cocky, Prime Climb has plenty of twists and turns (Keeper and Action Cards, bumping opponents back to Start, using the board's colors to quickly perform or check calculations) that level the playing field. Exciting, energizing fun for 2 to 4 players.