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Silly Street the Game

Silly Street the Game
Best Family Fun
Tillywig Award Winner 2016

Buffalo Games Inc.

It's rare to find a game that so strongly appeals to young children and plays as well across a broad range of ages as Silly Street does. Plentiful social interaction and abundant laughter begin flowing as soon as Silly Street gets under way, resulting in a deeply satisfying and highly contagious good time. Kids love it, and parents enjoy both watching and participating. The game board, across which players move pieces on alternating turns, is filled with luminous artwork and joyous detail. Whoever gets to the end first, wins, but it's all the good stuff that happens in between that makes for such a rousing good time. On each turn, one player draws from the Silly Card pile and must do what that card tells him or her to do in order to progress on the board. Cards vary considerably from one to the next. Some are contests. Others involve pretend play, feats of coordination, finding things on the board. What they have in common is fast, laughter-filled fun that keeps players mentally, physically, and socially engaged.